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130                      THE FATE OF MAN

This problem of man takes precedence over
that of society or of culture, and here man is to
be considered, not in his inner spiritual life, not
as an abstract spiritual being, but as an integral
being, as a being social and cosmic, as well   A
new day is dawning for Christianity in the world.
Only a form of Socialism, which unites personal-
ity  and  the  communal  principle,  can  satisfy
Christianity.   The hour has struck when, after
terrible  struggle,  after  an unprecedented  de-
Christianization of the world and its passage
through all the results of that process, Chris-
tianity will be revealed in its pure form.   Then
it will be clear what Christianity stands for and
what it stands against.   Christianity will again
become the only and the final refuge of man.
And when the purifying process is finished, it
will be seen that Christianity stands for man
and for humanity, for the value and dignity of
personality, for freedom, for social justice, for
the brotherhood of men and of nations, for
enlightenment, for the creation of a new life.
And it will be clear that only Christianity stands
for these things.   The judgment upon Christian-
ity is really judgment upon the betrayal  of
Christianity, upon its distortion and defilement
and the justice of this is that of judgment upon
the fallen world and its sinful history.   But the
true and final renaissance will probably begin in